David is a dark and mysterious computer genius. He avoids sentimental complications by buying the time of beautiful and unknown women he will never see again. He experiments with erotic clubs and dark rooms, chasing after feelings that are no longer within his reach. His dreams are a torment of fire and blood. When he meets Olivia, a young member of his team of lawyers, his sudden and violent attraction for her is fraught with conflicting emotions. And she, who has always done the right thing, embarks on a journey of self-discovery, torn between the instinct to escape and the longing to surrender herself to David. In his darkness, Olivia sees a light. The physical confrontation that follows will leave no winners or losers. All that exists is the law of desire. Where is the border between love and physical passion? Feelings and emotions become entangled in a mad pursuit with no way out for a man scarred in body and soul and a woman in search of the absolute. A literary journey between eros&love that crosses the most extreme sentimental terrain.

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