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Smiling faces

Smiling faces

Susanna Barbaglia

The English bulldog is not just a dog, it’s a bulldog. It’s not just a passion, it’s a lifestyle choice. If you fall in love with one, you’re done for: you can’t live without it. Never mind if it breaks all the normal rules of canine behaviour, if it snores like a trombone, if it can’t wash itself, if it hates the slightest change in its living quarters, and if just looking at it makes you worry and think of taking out an annual subscription to a veterinary surgery. This book is a two-sided psychological identikit: on the one hand, of the ideal companion for a bulldog; on the other, of a dog which carries with it a high risk of emotional addiction, because of its almost magical powers of empathy and its extraordinary madness. With quotes from literature and elsewhere, and a preface by Oscar Grazioli.

Masterfully translated by Jonathan Hunt.

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